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Custom Home Features and Trends for 2023

Sleeping Dog Properties discusses some of the latest trends and features to expect when one is in the market for a newly built custom home.

For many new homebuyers, a home isn’t quite a home without custom features. Building a custom home from scratch is a dream for many, yet a worthwhile endeavor for most.

Custom homes are the new real estate status symbol, they can provide luxury, technology and modern conveniences. They are truly one-of-a-kind, usually offering luxurious and enviable features like upscale design and materials, accent walls, mudrooms, and multi-story foyers.

Sleeping Dog Properties explains that with a custom-designed home, a master bedroom can be crafted to fit any specifications. In-law suites are a popular feature, and game rooms can be incorporated without sacrificing other living space. All told, nearly 18% of all new single-family homes were custom-built in 2022, according to the Census Bureau.

These residences continue to evolve in 2023. Here are some of the latest trends and features to expect when one is in the market for a newly built custom home.

Grand Family Rooms

Modern design trends often blend comfort with style. An impressive grand family room often does the trick.

This element contributes to the overall spaciousness of a home and works well within an open-floor concept, but there’s practicality here, too. A grand living space, open to other rooms in the home, usually a kitchen, provides uninterrupted vision and conversation flow for entertaining guests, and clear sight lines from room to room. This is especially important to families with young children.

Outdoor Kitchens

Seamless indoor-outdoor living is having its moment in the sun, and that no longer means simply adding a deck or patio space. Outdoor kitchens go beyond the typical grill to include space for a full dining area, sinks, refrigerators, and even counters for prep.

The idea of bringing the outdoors in, and indoors out is a hot trend in design right now.

Refined Home Offices

With many Americans still working either entirely at home or heading to the office just for a few days a week within a hybrid work schedule, home offices are getting upscale makeovers, and of course, or much needed additions to any home.

Home offices no longer simply include space for a desk, bookcases, and a chair. Not only are they becoming larger, but they’re becoming fancier, with modern lighting, built-ins, and multiple functions.

Environmentally-Friendly Elements

Sustainability is still king in home designs. Solar panels and smart appliances are frequent must-haves for those investing in a custom home.

At the very least, buyers are looking to build with sustainable materials, such as bamboo, and other green building elements to make custom homes energy-efficient.

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Smart Technologies

Custom homes are often smart homes, too. In addition to programmable smart lighting, many sport automated doorbells and thermostats and integrated high-tech security tools.

Facial recognition devices are being added to many front doors these days. And refrigerators can recognize when it’s time to stock up.

Unique Design

Hidden rooms aren’t just for spy movies in 2023. This unusual feature integrates hidden pantries or bathrooms in designs, allowing for more space and less visual disturbances. Showers may be integrated on the first floor, away from bedrooms, and wine cellars may replace wasted space under the stairs.

Others look for fireplaces that extend from the floor to the ceiling or choose heated flooring options. One kitchen island may not be enough, with some custom homes including two or three, a true chef’s kitchen. Other areas may be created with pets or kids in mind, with play spaces or “dog homes” built in various areas of the home.

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In Conclusion

In conclusion, building a custom home offers a unique opportunity to create a space that perfectly fits a family’s lifestyle and personal preferences. With careful planning and partnership with experienced professionals, individuals can achieve a space that is functional and aesthetically pleasing, tailored to fit the family’s specific needs and desires.

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