The Home Office Trend – Remodeling or Building the Perfect Space

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies provided a “work-from-home” model to keep business going, and people employed. Now, the trend has caught on, and instead of returning to a corporate office setting, a majority of businesses remain strictly remote.

With this, many households are choosing to dedicate space in their home as a proper office. Below, Sleeping Dog Properties Andover discusses the benefits of renovating a space or adding a new office addition for work-from-home productivity, especially if working alongside a busy family lifestyle.

Additionally, the benefits of working with an experienced contractor that specializes in this specific type of renovation can make all of the difference in project timeline and budget.

A More Productive Workday

Home offices provide employees with a dedicated ‘home-base’ for themselves during their working day. 

This can help to increase productivity by allowing them to focus in a quiet environment, away from household distractions such as children, pets, and the to-do list of chores.

Having a dedicated office space also helps to improve the separation of home- and work-life. Being able to physically shut a door or close off a space at the end of the workday can provide a sense of “punching out” and being “off the clock”. Studies have shown that the sense of separation from a remote corporate environment and home-life leads to better work-life balance and improved company moral.

Employees have also been surveyed, and a majority reported that not only do they feel more productive in the workplace, but at home as well. By reducing wasted time, such as water-cooler chatter or travel times, employees found that not only can they get more work done within the workday, but the same has been found regarding their household responsibilities.

High Demand and Home Value Increase

Home offices are also in so much demand within the real estate market currently, that homes with these dedicated spaces are listing for, and selling for, a higher market value.

In a UK study, over 30% of homebuyers had an office on their list of desirable factors when looking for a new place to call home. In a saturated market, having features that set your home apart from others will not only increase property value, but the return on investment in the long run.

Home Office Ideas

A custom-built home office allows homeowners and employees to design a space that tailors to their specific role within their career. For example, utilizing natural light, or focused lighting and backdrops can be created for those who perform a lot of online/zoom meetings.

To minimize distractions, soundproofing walls can help with background noises from pets or children for conference calls. If space allows in this situation, building a detached office is usually preferable (and doable!)

Also, these spaces can also provide practical options such as built-in-shelving or storage, as well as bespoke furniture constructed to fit individual’s requirements, such as a custom standing desk, or adapted to fit the decor of the rest of the home.

There may even be multiple members of the household that need access to the home office either full or part-time. As a result, the space can be constructed to accommodate each person’s needs and allocate individual working spaces.

Oftentimes, home offices are used as a guest room as well. In this case, Murphy beds are popular for the double-duty space. Having the ability to house out-of-town friends or family is also a highly sought-after home feature in today’s market.

Finding a Reputable Contractor for the Job

Finding a contractor that shares your vision (and budget) for what your space should require can be tricky. With so many construction companies available, how do you choose one?

For starters, homeowners should look for a contractor that can work in specific remodels such as home office builds. Not every company prefers to take on these jobs. The contractor should have a reliable reputation within the community and decades of experience in the industry.

Be sure that the contractor is licensed in your area. Working with the right contractor will provide peace of mind for the project, whether they are completing a full new-build addition or renovating an existing space.